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MLA Annotated Bibliography Example

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MLA Annotated Bibliography Example
MLA Annotated Bibliography Example
MLA Annotated Bibliography (Orlov)
Anna Orlov
Professor Willis
English 101
3 March XXXX
Online Monitoring: A Threat to Employee
Privacy in the Wired Workplace:
An Annotated Bibliography
Adams, Scott. Dilbert an
d the Way of the Weasel. New York: Harper,
2002. Print.
Adams’s “Dilbert” cartoons are known for satirizing
everyday workplace issues. The cartoon on page 106 illustrates
how rampant Intern
et use in the workplace has become
and suggests that both employers and employees are well
aware of the practice. The cartoon points out the difficulty
employers face in trying to restrict employee Internet use.
American Management Association and ePolicy Institute. “2005
Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance Survey.” Am
Management Association. Amer. Management Assn., 2005.
Web. 15 Feb. 2006.
According to the survey of workplace Internet use
summarized in this article, employers are most concerned
about employees visiting inappropriate Web sites. However,
employers’ monitoring of employees extends beyond blocking
certain Web sites. Many employers who participated in the
study also track individual keystrokes and review e-mails. The
study suggests that the majority of employers who monitor
Internet use are telling their employees that they are being
Orlov 1
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entry begins at
the left margin;
subsequent lines
The annotation
begins on a
new line and is
Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007).
This paper has been updated to follow the style guidelines in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers,
7th ed. (2009).
MLA Annotated Bibliography Example