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Wyoming Bill of Sale

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Wyoming Bill of Sale
Wyoming Bill of Sale
In consideration of _______________________dollars ($__________) to
me in hand paid by ____________________________ the receipt of which is
hereby acknowledged, I, ________________________by these presents do
bargain, sell and convey to the said Buyer the following, as is:
Automobile Motor Home
Motorcycle Trailer
(Other) ____________________________
Make _______________________________
Year _______________________________
Model _______________________________
Serial Number ____________________________
And I, myself, will warrant unto the Buyer that the said property is free and
clear of any lawful claims and demands of all and every person whatsoever.
Signed: _______________________________
Address: ______________________________
County of ___________
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me by _____________
________________________, this ______ day of _____________ 20____
Witness by hand and official seal.
(City) (State) (Zip)
Notary Public or County Clerk
My Commission/Term Expires: ____________
Wyoming Bill of Sale