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Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form

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Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form
Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form
I, ______________________, of ______________________ County, Wisconsin,
appoint ________________________ or ________________________, of
________________________ County, Wisconsin, as my attorneyinfact ("Attorney"), for
1. Powers in General. To do and perform all and every act, deed, matter, and thing
whatsoever in and about my estate, property and affairs as fully and effectually to all intents  
and purposes as I might or could do in my own proper person, if personally present, the
specifically enumerated powers described in this power of attorney being in aid and
exemplification of the full, complete, and general power granted and not in limitation or
2. Buy and Sell Securities. To sell, pledge, exchange, option or otherwise dispose
of any securities, whether stocks, bonds, debentures, certificates, notes, mortgages or other
assets or property that I may own from time to time, and to sign, seal, acknowledge and
deliver all instruments of transfer and all supporting affidavits necessary or requested in
accomplishing it; to buy the foregoing in my name and on my behalf for prices and on terms
3. Receive Dividends and Interest. To receive all dividends and interest
payments that are now due or may hereafter become due and payable to me on all of the
4. Vote. To appear and vote, and otherwise act as my representative, in respect to
such number of shares as T may be entitled to vote at all meetings of shareholders or
companies or corporations in which I now or may hereafter own shares of stock, and for
such purpose to sign and execute limited or unlimited proxies or other instruments in my
name and on my behalf; to tender my resignation as director or officer; to subscribe to
shares on such terms, covenants and conditions as Attorney believes advisable; and to
5. Invest. On receipt of any monies that shall be paid to Attorney, to pay or deposit
them in my name, or otherwise, with any banker, broker or other agent; to draw out such
monies from time to time and invest the same at the discretion of Attorney in such assets,
stocks, bonds, evidences of indebtedness, notes, mortgages or other securities as Attorney
6. Manage and Lease. To manage real and personal property owned by me or in
which I have an interest, and to negotiate, make, sign, seal, acknowledge and deliver all
leases of my property as are advisable, containing terms, covenants and conditions as
Attorney believes best; to demand, receive and collect all the rents for the same accruing
under leases, and to use all lawful remedies, actions and other necessary or proper
proceedings for recovery, and generally to do for me and in my name whatever Attorney
Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form