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SWOT Analysis Template 3

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SWOT Analysis Template 3
SWOT Analysis Template 3
strengths weaknesses
opportunities threats
criteria examples
Market developments
Competitors' vulnerabilities
Industry or lifestyle trends
Technology development and
Global influences
New markets, vertical, horizontal
Niche target markets
Geographical, export, import
New USP's
Tactics: eg, surprise, major
Business and product development
Information and research
Partnerships, agencies, distribution
Volumes, production, economies
Seasonal, weather, fashion
criteria examples
Disadvantages of proposition
Gaps in capabilities
Lack of competitive strength
Reputation, presence and reach
Own known vulnerabilities
Timescales, deadlines and
Cashflow, start-up cash-drain
Continuity, supply chain
Effects on core activities,
Reliability of data, plan
Morale, commitment, leadership
Accreditations, etc
Processes and systems, etc
Management cover, succession
criteria examples
Political effects
Legislative effects
Environmental effects
IT developments
Competitor intentions - various
Market demand
New technologies, services, ideas
Vital contracts and partners
Sustaining internal capabilities
Obstacles faced
Insurmountable weaknesses
Loss of key staff
Sustainable financial backing
Economy - home, abroad
Seasonality, weather effects
criteria examples
Advantages of proposition
Competitive advantages
USP's (unique selling points)
Resources, Assets, People
Experience, knowledge, data
Financial reserves, likely returns
Marketing - reach, distribution,
Innovative aspects
Location and geographical
Price, value, quality
Accreditations, qualifications,
Processes, systems, IT,
Cultural, attitudinal, behavioural
Management cover, succession
Philosophy and values
SWOT Analysis Template
State what you are assessing here ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(This particular example is for a new business opportunity. Many criteria can apply to more than one quadrant. Identify criteria appropriate to your own SWOT situation.)
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SWOT Analysis Template 3