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Sample - Sponsor Thank-You Letter

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Sample - Sponsor Thank-You Letter
Sample - Sponsor Thank-You Letter
[Sponsor Name]
Dear [Sponsor]:
What a success! (Insert Name) PRIMA members have now enjoyed our first
Annual Conference since the “Resurgence” of our Chapter, and the event is getting
rave reviews.
On behalf of the (Insert Name) PRIMA Board of Directors, I want to extend a
heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It
was the vision of the Board of Directors and the Planning Committee to inform,
entertain, and provide a networking forum for our members in a pleasant,
comfortable environment. Your generous contribution helped make our vision a
reality by helping to offset the cost of holding the Conference in an environment as
beautiful and professional as Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain.
As we continue to grow as a chapter, please know that partnerships with our
sponsors are vital to the success of this chapter. You are truly appreciated.
Thanks again.
[Name], [Title]
On behalf of the (INSERT NAME) PRIMA Board of Directors:
Sample - Sponsor Thank-You Letter