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Sample Get Well Soon Messages

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Sample Get Well Soon Messages
Sample Get well soon messages
When you are not around world seems to have lost its glory. So all I want to say is that get well
soon and come back so that the world seems to be glorified again.
The sun has lost its brightness and the flowers have forgot to blossom. Just because I have not
seen today everything seems to have lost if glory. So take your medicines on time and make my
world beautiful again.
Heard that you are not keeping well. I wish you luck and will pray for your health. Get well soon.
Heard you are not sound and so am I as you are not around. So get well soon and make all well
The place is not the same as it was, I then realized that that it was your absence that was making
me feel sow. so get back on your feet and make the place great again. Get well soon my friend.
Check with the doctor and let me know for how many days you will take to get back on your toes.
Getwell soon.
Your health is important so take care and get well soon.
Sample Get Well Soon Messages