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Sales Receipt Template 3

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Sales Receipt Template 3
Sales Receipt Template 3
ASEA Luxembourg Sarl (the “Company”), a company registered in Luxembourg with registered
oce at ASEA Netherlands BV, Keplerstraat 34, Badhoevdorp, 1171 CD, The Netherlands.
Contract of Sale between the independent Associate and the Customer.
I wish to purchase the goods detailed below from the Associate named above and I have paid the total price for the goods to the As-
sociate. I note that I have the right to cancel this order in accordance with the notice of cancellation below. I have read, understood and
consent to the collection and processing of my information as set out in the Data Protection Notice overleaf.
Customer signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________________________
Detach here
If you wish to cancel the contract you MUST DO SO IN WRITING and deliver personally or send (which may be by electronic mail) this to the
person named below. You may use this form if you want to but you do not have to.
(Complete, detach and return this form ONLY IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT).
I/We (delete as appropriate) hereby give notice that I/we (delete as appropriate) wish to cancel my/our (delete as appropriate)
Signed ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name and Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, County/Post Code:
VAT Registration No.
Phone: Moble:
City, County/Post Code:
Phone: Moble:
Terms and Conditions
1. Please include payment with your order. Payments by credit/debit card are
payments to your ASEA Associate on whose behalf and to whose account
ASEA will process such payments.
2. Delivery will normally be within 30 days of your order. The total price in-
cludes delivery.
3. Your contract of sale is with your ASEA Associate who is an independent
seller of the ASEA range of products. The ASEA Associate is not an agent of
ASEA Luxembourg Sarl.
4. By signing the Application, you authorise ASEA to automatically charge
your credit card for each product specied above and each order, plus
shipping, handling and VAT. Credit cards may be charged up to two days
prior to the shipping date. ASEA may terminate this Agreement without
notice if the credit card(s) to which a Customer has authorised charges
becomes expired, cancelled, or charges declined by the bank issuing the
card for any reason.
5. You will have an opportunity to examine and reject goods you order from us
after they have been delivered to you. If for any reason you are not satised
with your purchase, we will refund or exchange the goods, provided that
you have taken reasonable care of such goods and they are in a resaleable
condition and that such products are returned to us at the Associate’s ad-
dress set out above within 14 days of receipt of the goods by you.
6. ASEA reserves the right to change the prices of any products in its product
line, and to discontinue any products in its line, including those products
selected as part of your order. Announcements of price changes will be
issued at least 30 days before going into eect. [We will contact you if we
have discontinued any products in your order OR if we discontinue any
products included in your order we will, full the order with the closest
resembling products]. [ASEA will not issue advance notice of discontinued
products.] VAT rates are subject to change without notice.
7. If you reject the goods for any reason other than damage to or a defect in
the goods, you must pay the cost of returning the goods to us and you will
be responsible for their safety during transportation. If you do not return the
goods to us, we shall be entitled to deduct the cost of recovering the goods
from the sums we refund to you. If you reject the goods because they are
damaged or faulty, we will cover the cost of recovering the goods from you.
8. Should you reject the goods you will be entitled to a full refund of the price
which you paid for the goods which shall be remitted to you within 30 days
of your notice of rejection of the goods having been given provided that
such goods have been returned to us in a substantially similar condition as
the goods were in when we delivered them to you.
Notice Of The Right To Cancel
The Associate hereby gives you the following notice of cancellation rights:
1. You have the right to cancel this contract within a period of 14 days following your
placing this order or up to 9 working days from the day after delivery of the products,
whichever period is longer, by sending a written (including email) notice of cancellation
to your Associate at the address set out below. If you wish you may use the cancellation
form provided below.
2. If you cancel this contract any sum paid by you or on your behalf under or in
contemplation of this contract shall be repaid to you. If you have received the goods
you ordered you must make those goods available to the Associate for collection
and, provided you have taken reasonable care of them, you will be entitled to be
repaid the amount you paid for those goods.
Sales Receipt Template 3