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Residential Lease Agreement Saskatchewan

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Residential Lease Agreement   Saskatchewan
THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the [##] day of [MONTH], [YEAR].
(the “Landlord”)
- and -
(the “Tenant”)
1. Leased Premises
IN CONSIDERATION of the representations made in the rental application tendered by the Tenant, and the rent
reserved herein and the covenants herein contained, Landlord hereby rents to Tenant and Tenant hereby rents
from Landlord the premises situated at [STREET ADDRESS OF PREMISES], [CITY], Saskatchewan (the
“Premises”), subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.
2. Residential Tenancies Act
The Tenant shall comply, as far as it is liable to as Tenant, with all the requirements and the laws and ordinances
of or in force in the Province of Saskatchewan, or of any municipal by-law, including without limitation under
The Residential Tenancies Act, as amended (the “Act”).
3. Statutory Conditions
In accordance with the Act, the Statutory Conditions set forth in the attached Schedule “Ashall be deemed to
form part of this Lease Agreement. No Statutory Condition set forth in the attached ScheduleA” shall be
deemed to derogate from any other provision of the Act.
4. Delivery of Agreement to Tenant
The Landlord shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the Tenant an executed and completed original copy of this
Lease Agreement within twenty (20) days after the execution and delivery of this Lease Agreement by the Tenant
to the Landlord.
Where the Landlord does not deliver or cause to be delivered an executed and completed original copy of this
Lease Agreement or renewal thereof to the Tenant in accordance with the Act, the obligations of the Tenant under
this Lease Agreement are suspended until the Landlord has delivered, in accordance with the Act, an executed
and completed original copy of this Lease Agreement.
5. Mobile Homes
The Landlord shall not, with respect to residential premises mentioned in Subclause 2(j) (iii) of the Act, limit the
occupancy of such residential premises to a mobile home sold, leased or otherwise made available by any specific
person or persons, unless the residential premises has not previously been occupied as a mobile home site.
The Landlord shall not unreasonably restrict or interfere with the Tenant’s attempt to sell a mobile home situated
on the residential premises, and shall not charge any fee in connection with such sale or attempted sale unless
he/she/it has provided some service with respect to that sale or attempted sale.
6. Term
The duration of this Lease Agreement shall be for a fixed term, commencing at [TIME] on the [##] day of
[MONTH], YEAR] and terminating at [TIME] on the [##] day of [MONTH], YEAR].
Residential Lease Agreement Saskatchewan