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North Carolina Commercial Lease Form

North Carolina Commercial Lease Form
Commercial Lease Page 1
Commercial Lease
1. Names
This lease is made by Whitegate Properties LLC, a North Carolina limited liability
company (Landlord), and
a (Tenant).
2. Premises Being Leased
Landlord is leasing to Tenant and Tenant is leasing from Landlord the following
Premises as defined in attachment A:
Bolin Heights
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
3. Term of Lease
This lease begins on and ends on .
4. Rent
Tenant will pay total rent in the amount of $  Rent will be paid in advance on the
day of each monthE\,QWXLW3D\PHQW1HWZRUN. Tenant's first rent payment will be due
DWOHDVHVLJQLQJ7HQDQWwill pay rent of $ per month.
If Tenant makes a rent payment that is declined due to insufficient funds, Tenant will be invoiced
a $40.00 NSF fee.
In the event that the rent is paid more than 3 days after the day it is due, in addition to rent, the
Tenant will pay a late charge in the amount of $50.00 per week for every week or portion of
5. Building Access
Access to the building will be by use of a key fob and an access control system. One key
fob will be issued per office leased. Additional key fobs may be issued with an increase
in security deposit by $50. Loss of key fob will result in forfeiture of $50 of the security
deposit held and an additional $50 must be paid to landlord prior to the issuance of a
replacement fob. Failure to pay rent within the specified grace period will result in
deactivation of key fob(s). After payment of past due rents and penalties as outlined in
sections 4 and 5, the key fob will be reactivated.
North Carolina
North Carolina Commercial Lease Form