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Kindergarten Newsletter Template 3

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Kindergarten Newsletter Template 3
Kindergarten Newsletter Template 3
Our Kindergarten Newsletter
Teacher Date
Mrs. Randall Sept. 24-28, 2007
Dear Families,
A B C D E F Gee what a lot of fun we had this week. Our names have been
very important this week. We are looking for letters that are the same in each
other’s name, counting letters, comparing the length as well as looking for letters
that we have learned. Our name is the most important word and that is why we
start there.
I am in need of your help. The children are feeling quite comfortable with
school and their friends. This is good as well as bad. Many of the children are
getting silly, talking and “hitting” (to get attention). This is becoming a problem. I
need the children to be focused during group and work times. You can help with
this by reminding them to use good listening, eyes, ears, mouths and bodies. Facing
the teacher, keeping in his/her spot and waiting until playtime to get silly. We
need to establish good listening skills so when we need to get more serious about
skills they are ready. Thank you for your help. It really does make a difference
when we can work together.
Ask Me About
New Letters and Sounds we learned this week—c k e h r
Computers-This week we inserted the pictures we took last week into a
special page and then dictated how we feel about school.
Graphing how many letters are in our names.
The big Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Trees we made.
The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree alphabet book we made. This will be
a traveling book to go home with a new friend each night.
The book The 12 Days of Kindergarten: these went home earlier this
week; I’m hoping that you have had your child read and reread it to you.
Morning Meeting Greetings
o Hello Neighbor
o Farmer greeting-milking the cow
o Fish handshake—flopping hand on neighbors arm (this is a gentle motion.)
Morning Message:
o Did you have cereal for breakfast
Kindergarten Newsletter Template 3