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Irregular Income Planning

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Irregular Income Planning
Irregular Income Planning
Irregular Income Planning
If you have an irregular income, this form just became your best friend!
step 1
Fill in the Monthly Cash Flow Plan form based on
what you reasonably expect to bring home for
the month. If you aren’t sure, use last year’s lowest
income month as your starting point.
step 2
List anything that didn’t make it in your Monthly
Cash Flow Plan in the Items column (a). These
are the things that you couldn’t budget for but
need to be funded.
step 3
Rewrite your expenses in priority order and
keep a running total. Setting good priorities is
crucial here. For instance, a beach trip is not
more important than putting food on the table!
step 4
When you get paid, write any additional income
in the box (b). “Additional” means anything above
and beyond what you budgeted on the Monthly
Cash Flow Plan form.
step 5
Spend your money right down the list until it’s
all gone. You most likely won’t make it all the
way down the list. That’s okay! That’s why it’s
important to prioritize.
Some people’s paychecks all look the same, and some people’s don’t.
If you’re self-employed or in sales, you really understand this! But you’re not free from fi lling
out budgets. As a matter of fact, this form is vital for just that reason! It can be easy for debts and
expenses to overtake what you’re bringing in. Stay on top of your money here.
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Irregular Income Planning