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GED Sample Test Template 1

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GED Sample Test Template 1
GED Sample Test Template 1
GED Science Practice Questions
If you've heard rumors about the GED being changed and are worried that these questions no longer apply, there's
no need for concern. The new improved GED doesn't start until 2014. Until then, these samples are great practice.
1. The pilot of an eastbound plane determines wind speed relative to his aircraft. He measures a wind
velocity of 320 km/h, with the wind coming from the east. An observer on the ground sees the plane
pass overhead, and measures its velocity as 290 km/h. What is the wind velocity relative to the
1. 30 km/h east-to-west
2. 30 km/h west-to-east
3. 320 km/h east-to-west
4. 290 km/h east-to-west
5. 290 km/h west-to-east
Question 2 pertains to the following figure:
2. A recycling company collects sorted materials from its clients. The materials are weighed and then
processed for re-use. The chart shows the weights of various classes of materials that were collected
by the company during a representative month. Which of the following statements is NOT supported
by the data in the chart
1. Paper products, including cardboard, make up a majority of the collected materials
2. One quarter of the materials collected are made of glass
3. More plastic is collected than cardboard
4. Plastic and cardboard together represent a larger portion of the collected materials than glass bottles
5. The largest category of collected materials includes newspapers
3. During the process of oogenesis, primary oocytes produce:
1. Sperm
2. Eggs
3. Oogonia
4. Stem cells
5. None of the above
GED Sample Test Template 1