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Employment Agreement 1

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Employment Agreement 1
EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT by and between ________________ (the Employer"
or the "Company" or "_______________") and_____________________________(the
1. Employment
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Employer hereby
employs Employee, and Employee hereby accepts employment with Employer.
2. Duties and Responsibilities
Employee's title, duties, hours, and responsibilities shall be as determined, from time
to time, by the Board of Directors and/or Management of the Company and Employee shall
have the initial title of ___________________________________________. For as long
as Employee is employed by Employer, Employee will competently perform as an
employee in accordance with the duties, hours, and responsibilities assigned and the
Employee will devote his/her full business time and energies to advance the business and
welfare of Employer and will not engage in any other business enterprise without the prior
written approval of the Board of Directors of Employer or its designee.
3. Place of Employment
During the term of this Agreement, Employee will not be required to undertake any
duties or responsibilities that would make it necessary or desirable to move Employee's
4. Compensation
As full compensation for all services rendered under this Agreement, Employee shall
receive the salary and other benefits described as follows:
a) Salary The salary shall be that set from time to time by the Company.
b) Other Benefits Employee shall, if otherwise eligible under the terms thereof,
be eligible to participate in the company's medical, dental, retirement or life insurance
plans, if any, under the same terms and conditions as a re applicable to other employees
in similar capacities.
c) Vacation Employee shall be entitled to 14 days vacation per year of work.
Employment Agreement 1