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Employee Write Up Template

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How to write up an Employee? As a general manager or a leader of the company, there will be the time when you will write up your employee whether your employee has a couple of problems in the workplace, has a quarrel with a couple of other employees, does not do his or her job properly, or is absent or late chronically. It will be the perfect evidence for you that you do the right thing in order to make your employee improve or you can use it to decide whether he or she will be fired or not. This documentation is very important in case your former employee want to get his or her employment suit, so it is better for you to get your documentation right.

A couple of workplaces come with protocols in order to handle performance evaluation or attitude issues. The first thing that you have to thing is the handbook of your employee, but you can also talk to your workplace legal department or human resources officer for template PDF or guidance or employee write up form. Sometimes, write up forms for employees or written warning will be followed by the verbal warning. For those of you who think that it is the best rule for your workplace, you have to make sure that the verbal warning has been given before you write the complaint. If the verbal warning has been given, you have to make sure that the details, the time, and date of the conversation have been documented in case that you need evidence.

A write-up sheet comes with three elements, according to Steve Kane, the human resources consultant. The first element is it comes with detail about the misconduct and unacceptable attitude. The second important thing is that the proper attitude should be stated. For example, if you find that your employee is late, you have to write down a couple of times your employee has been late in the past couple of months or weeks. And then you also have to check the time your employee should arrive. The last element is that you have to make a rule for your employee if he or she continues to do the unacceptable behavior.

After you have written the document, it is the perfect time for you to meet with offending employee. Performance review form of the employee should be reviewed so that your employee will understand the failure and you have to tell him the expectation that you want to see from him. It is important to have the documentation throughout this process, so you have to make your employee sign the write up in order to make him or her understand the consequences and read the expectation that you want him or her to be. It is better for you to leave the space that you can put at the bottom of the sheet so that your employee can write additional reports. The most important thing is that you have to save this file to the personnel file of your employee.

If you want to get the best outcomes, it is important for you to create performance evaluation plan with your employee. You can give your employee a couple of options whether he or she wants to enhance her or his performance or attitude in the workplace or they want to require additional resources. In a couple of situations, you can solve this problem by reassigning your employee to a couple of different tasks, schedule or job. You have to help your employee in order to achieve the goals which are time-bound, realistic, attainable, measurable, specific, and develop a regular date in order to achieve the goals with your employee. You have to bring the consequences if your employee does not meet the goals and then the performance improvement plan should be signed by your employee. It is crucial for you to explain what if your employee does not meet your expectations. You have to make the details that have to be accurate.
There will be a lot of different methods that an employee can break the decision of the termination. But it will not have happened if you apply the fair decision. If the write up can be shown by your employee that comes with a biased version of the facts, your employee can convince you that she or he was being set up.

You have to check out a couple of other employees if they have similar behaviors or not so you can treat them similarly. If your employees have same behavior but they are treated differently, it is important for you to have a solid description.

It is important for you to take your time and place in order to explore whether health problems are affecting the performance of your employee or an employee needs accommodation for disability. Disciplinary write up is not included. If the distinction has been blurred that will enable the employees to portray as victims of discrimination of disability.

You have to make your employee sign the sheet. If you do not have that signature, your employee will deny receiving the feedback. They have been offered by information but they do not need to agree with the decision. You can give them the copy if they ask it.

The most important thing is that you have to keep the copy the safe place. It is dangerous for you if you are losing the copy. You have to do it properly. The employee has been offered by written corrective action by using clear feedback on the expectations of the company and makes a record which they have been given an opportunity in order to improve their performance. Meanwhile, if you did it improperly, the case of your employee can be devastated by the write-ups.

There three goals that you have to keep in mind if you write insubordinate employee. First of all, you have to make the detail of the insubordinate conduct. The second thing is that the policies should be cited. The last thing is that you have to make a state of the expectations that you want for your employee.