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Elementary School Student Code of Conduct Example

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Elementary School Student Code of Conduct Example
Elementary School Student Code of Conduct Example
Elementary Student Code of Conduct - English
Elementary School
Student Code of Conduct
The School Board firmly believes that learning can best take place in an orderly environment and that students
can best learn individual and collective responsibility and gain maturity if they are provided opportunities in
which to exercise responsibility within the school setting. This School Discipline Policy is intended to
communicate expectations regarding acceptable conduct in school in order to provide a positive learning
environment for all students.
It is a responsibility of the School Board, administrators and teachers to safeguard the health and safety of each
student. The School Board and district administrators will support district personnel who, in dealing with
students on disciplinary matters, act in accordance with State Law, Department of Education Regulations and
School District policies.
The School Board recognizes its responsibility to meet the educational needs of students who do not respond
well to normal school programs. Such efforts may include utilizing special services personnel and outside
referral agencies and/or adjusting normal school procedures. If a student does not respond to these efforts and
consistently exerts a disruptive influence on the educational environment of a school, the needs of the other
students and staff must become a major factor in planning alternatives.
With due consideration to these obligations, it is the responsibility of the School Board and administrators to
make reasonable rules and regulations for the governing of student behavior and conduct. Building principals
and appropriate staff will annually review this policy to assess its effectiveness. All rules and regulations
regarding student behavior will be approved annually by the School Board.
A. Elementary Student Code of Conduct
The Elementary School Student Code of Conduct is in effect from the time a student arrives at the bus
stop and boards the bus at the beginning of the day until the student gets off the bus and leaves the bus
stop at the end of the day and at all times when students are participating in school-sponsored
1. Parental/guardian involvement and cooperation is vital in the discipline process.
2. The elementary discipline procedures will apply and be consistently enforced at all elementary
schools. At the same time, the School Board realizes the uniqueness of each building and
recognizes that there may be individual building and classroom procedures to implement and
supplement these District procedures.
3. All elementary staff and parents/guardians will work together to correct the misbehavior of the
student and to maintain a written record of incidents of serious misbehavior.
4. Measures to correct misbehavior will depend upon the nature of the behavior, the frequency,
and the willingness of the student to correct the undesirable behavior. The use of these
measures is intended to encourage acceptable behavior. Corrective action will normally begin
at a minimal level and proceed to more serious action.
B. Behavior Expectations
1. The following rules will apply at all elementary schools:
a. Students will show respect and courtesy to other people at all times.
b. Students will show respect for property inside and outside the buildings.
c. Students will behave in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others.
Elementary School Student Code of Conduct Example