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MLA Annotated Bibliography Example

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MLA Annotated Bibliography Example
Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2007).
Frauenheim, Ed. “Stop Reading This Headline and Get Back to
Work.” CNET N
ews.com. CNET Networks, 11 July 2005. Web.
17 Feb. 2006.
The author examines the results of a study of ten
thousand employees conducted by
America Online and
Salary.com, which found that the Internet was the most
popular means of wasting time at work. Frauenheim notes
that the extra time spent surfing the Internet is costing
companies an estimated $759 billion a year but also quotes
the senior vice president at
Salary.com and a director at
America Online, who argue that employee Internet use
actually increases productivity and creativity in the
workplace. Frauenheim suggests that the increase in personal
Internet use at work might result from a longer average
workday and that use of the Internet has made employees
more efficient, giving them more free time to waste.
Gonsalves, Chris. “Wasting Away on the Web. eW
eek.com. Ziff
Davis Enterprise Holdings, 8 Aug. 2005. Web. 16 Feb. 2006.
In this editorial, Gonsalves considers the implications of
several surveys, including one in which 61% of respondents
said that their companies had the right to spy on them. The
author agrees with this majority, claiming that it’s fine if his
company chooses to monitor him as long as the company
Orlov 3
discloses its monitoring practices. He adds that he would
prefer not to know the extent of the monitoring. This article,
though not entirely objective, offers an employee’s
perspective on Internet surveillance in the workplace. It also
Summary is
followed by a
balanced evaluation
of the source.
MLA Annotated Bibliography Example