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Menu Card Indian Restaurant Kerala

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12. Mixt Tandoori Special
Three Tandoori specialities (Tandoori chicken, prawns, Hassarvi )
Curry Specialities
Curry is a hot sauce made of a combination of numerous spices which, in the
Southern India, is often enhanced with coconut paste. The name Curry, stems
from the Tamilian word "kari" , and was changed by the English to "curry": In
the Indian cuisine, the combination of spices for curry are freshly prepared for
each separate dish and each household has its own recipe.
13. Chicken Masala
Kerala Chicken Curry in a Southern Indian Spice Sauce, enhanced with roasted
14. Chicken Tikka Masala
Mildly spiced chunks of chicken in a creamy sauce of cashew nuts andtomatoes
15. Aadu Kurma
Mildly spiced lamb steaks, cooked in a creamy sauce
16. Aadu Masala
Traditional Southern Indian lamb curry with roasted coconut, tomatoes and onions
Fish And Shell Fish
17. Kerala Meen Masala
Kerala Fish Curry - each house has its own recipe - ours is prepared withcoconut
cream, fresh ginger and tamarind
18. Thakkali Meen
Marinated red snapper fillet in a sauce of fresh tomatoes and cashew nuts
19. Chemmin Masala
Giant Prawns cooked in coconut cream, with ginger and coriander
20. Vypeen Chemmin Piralan
Giant Prawns in a hotly spiced marinade, cooked in the shell. A speciality of the
fisher's island of Vypeen Kerala
21. Chettinadu Meen Poriyal
Seerfish pieces marinated in assorted herbs and cooked in Banana Leaves
Menu Card Indian Restaurant Kerala