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Idaho Do Not Resuscitate Form

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Idaho Do Not Resuscitate Form Page 2
Idaho Do Not Resuscitate Form
Version 0708 (previous versions should be disregarded/destroyed)
The Idaho EMS Bureau has taken extreme caution to ensure all information is accurate and in accordance with professional standards in
effect at the time of publication. This guideline is for reference and may be modified at the discretion of the EMS Medical Director. It is
recommended that care be based on the patient’s clinical presentation and on authorized policies and guidelines.
0708 Page 2 of 4 POST/DNR - General
4. If the patient Uis notU in respiratory or cardiac arrest, EMS providers will:
Attempt to determine if the patient has a POST form
Follow the patient’s treatment choices listed in sections B and C of the Patient’s POST
5. If resuscitative efforts have been started before learning of a valid DNR order, stop those
resuscitative efforts. Contact medical control if questions exist.
6. If it is determined the patient does not have a valid DNR order, proceed with all
resuscitative efforts within scope of practice. Contact medical control for any permission to
7. Revoking a DNR order may only be done by the maker of the form (this is the patient or
person who signed the Patient/Surrogate block in Section E of the POST form), or
attending physician, either verbally, or by removing the bracelet or necklace or destroying
the original form and/or photocopy with patient. If revoked, perform full resuscitation.
8. If the patient has severe trauma, is involved in a mass casualty incident, or there is evidence
of homicide or suicide, the EMS provider is not required to attempt to locate a POST form
or jewelry.
9. The DNR order may be disregarded only if there is a good faith belief the order has been
revoked, to avoid confrontation or if ordered to do so by the attending physician. (An
attending physician is a physician licensed in Idaho who is selected by, or assigned to, the
patient and who has primary responsibility for the treatment and care of the patient. The
attending physician can be an EMS on-line medical control physician.)
10. Complete the Idaho EMS Patient Care Report. State in the narrative how the patient was
identified, events occurring during the EMS run, any verbal attending physician orders and
patient outcome.
Idaho Do Not Resuscitate Form