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Sled Kite Template

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Sled Kite Template Page 2
Sled Kite Template
Aeronautics: An Educators Guide EG-2002-06-105-HQ
Materials (per kite)
Sled Kite Template
Two drinking straws
Cellophane tape
Two 45 cm lengths of string
One 1 m length of string
Metric ruler
Single-hole paper puncher
One paper clip
Markers, crayons, pencils
Selection of paper (crepe, tissue, newspaper)
There are kites of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The sled kite in this
activity is made from a piece of cloth or paper and two drinking
straws. The straws are attached parallel to each other on opposite
sides of the cloth or paper. This arrangement shapes the kite like a
sled when it catches the air. The string attachment points are
placed toward one end of the kite, which causes the opposite end
to hang downward, and stabilizes the kite in flight.
Approximately 30 minutes are needed to build the sled kite.
Additional time is needed to allow the students to fly and evaluate
their sled kites outside.
Sled Kite Template