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Dd Form 1351-5

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Dd Form 1351-5
(5 U.S.C. 552a)
AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 5701, 5702; 37 U.S.C. 404; and E.O. 9397 (SSN).
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): Used to substantiate availability/use of Government quarters and/or Government mess facilities to
determine the traveler's per diem entitlement for payment and reimbursement for travel and transportation expenses incurred in an
official travel status.
ROUTINE USE(S): The information provided herein may be provided to law enforcement personnel investigating those suspected
of fraudulently obtaining allowances. Information may also be disclosed under certain circumstances to other Federal agencies,
Members of Congress, State and local government, and U.S. and State courts.
DISCLOSURE: Voluntary; however, failure to furnish information requested may result in total or partial denial of amount claimed.
1. WHERE ISSUED. To be issued where the temporary duty is performed. Also at Ports of Embarkation or Debarkation or at
personnel processing centers operated in conjunction therewith.
2. TO WHOM ISSUED. To any member performing TDY of 24 hours or more under conditions set forth in Item 3 following. To any
member traveling on PCS to, from or between stations outside the United States, if accompanied by dependents who are authorized
to travel with him.
3. WHEN ISSUED. Whenever quarters or messing facilities are not available to a member performing TDY at a recognized military
installation or at a facility operated by a Government contractor or whenever a member cannot properly perform his duties if he utilizes
available facilities; when Government quarters for joint occupancy by the member and his dependents or Government mess for joint
utilization is not available or will not be available for a specific period.
4. RESPONSIBILITY FOR ISSUANCE. The senior member who is in a position of command or who has administrative responsibility
at the place of TDY will assure that arrangements are made for the issuance of this statement. The commander of the element to
which a family is assigned for processing or control will assure that arrangements are made for the issuance of this statement.
5. WHO MAY SIGN IT. The commander or his representative may sign this statement. Authentication may also be by means of a
properly authorized and controlled facsimile signature stamp.
6. PURPOSE, MANNER OF ISSUANCE AND DISPOSITION. This statement will substantiate the traveler's entitlement at a rate of
per diem based upon nonavailability and/or nonutilization of the facilities as indicated in the "Quarters" and "Mess" items on the front
of this form. For officers only, this statement will be used for nonavailability of officers' open mess when Government quarters are
available. It will be given to the traveler in original and duplicate. Only the original should be signed. The traveler will attach them to
his claim for travel allowances. The triplicate will be retained by the issuing office.
7. DEFINITIONS. For definitions of Government Mess and Government Quarters, see JFTR/JTR, Appendix A. For conditions not
covered by these definitions, see JFTR/JTR.
6. REMARKS (Continued)
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Dd Form 1351-5