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Research Report Sample 2

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Research Report Sample 2 Page 2
Research Report Sample 2
Table 1
Personal mobile phone usage in
staff and team meetings is…
agree %
disagree %
Not a problem 5 7 65 23
An issue 40 45 10 5
Disruptive 80 10 7 3
Phones should be permissible 6 16 56 22
Phones should be turned off 85 10 3 2
Allowed in some circumstances 10 52 24 14
The survey also allowed participants to identify any circumstances where mobile
phones should be allowed in meetings and also assessed staff attitudes towards
receiving personal phone calls in staff meetings in open ended questions. These
results showed that staff thought that in some circumstances, eg medical or
emergencies, receiving personal phone calls was acceptable, but generally receiving
personal phone calls was not necessary.
Discussion / Interpretation of Results
It can be seen from the results in Table 1 that personal mobile phone use is considered
to a problem; however it was acknowledged that in some situations it should be
permissible. 80% of recipients considered mobile phones to be highly disruptive and
there was strong support for phones being turned off in meetings (85%). Only 12%
thought that mobile phone usage in staff and team meetings was not a problem,
whereas 85% felt it was an issue. The results are consistent throughout the survey.
Many of the respondents (62%) felt that in exceptional circumstances mobile phones
should be allowed, eg medical, but there should be protocols regarding this.
These findings are consistent with other studies. According to Smith (2005) many
companies have identified mobile phones as disruptive and have banned the use of
mobile phones in meetings. Havir (2004) claims that 29% of staff meeting time is
wasted through unnecessary mobile phone interruptions. This affects time
management, productivity and team focus.
The use of mobile phones in staff meetings is clearly disruptive and they should be
switched off. Most staff felt it is not necessary to receive personal phone calls in staff
meetings except under certain circumstances, but permission should first be sought
from the team leader, manager or chair.
It is recommended that UniLab develops an official policy regarding the use of mobile
phones in staff meetings. The policy should recommend:
mobile phones are banned in staff meetings
mobiles phone may be used in exceptional circumstances but only with the
permission of the appropriate manager or chair
Finally, the policy needs to apply to all staff in the company.
Research Report Sample 2