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RACI Chart 2

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RACI Chart 2 Page 2
RACI Chart 2
RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities Matrix)
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Process Name / Description:
Created On: Jan-12 Revision: 4/1/12
Created by:
Facilities Mgr Plant Mgr HR Security Project Mgr
Identify a minimum of three asphalt
contractors from Angie's List
C - - - R
Arrange for contractor visits and
I - - - R
Review quotes and references,
make contractor selection
A I I - R
Review and finalize contract, lock in
plant shutdown week
I I - - R
Communicate project to shutdown
maintenance crew, make sure all
vehicles are removed from the lot
Provide security gate access codes
for asphalt crew by June 15
I - A R I
Oversee the project during the plant
shutdown week, ensure it is
completed on time
A I I - R
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Plant maintenance project: Repair and resurface plant parking lot during plant shutdown in July
Kelly Bradley (facilities mgr), Mike Cole (plant manager), Joe Pallino (HR), Brian Sullivan (security), Billy
Ownens (project manager)
R = Responsible, A = Accountable, C = Consulted, I = Informed
RACI Chart 2