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Donation Letter Template 1

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Donation Letter Template 1
Donation Letter Template 1
Sample Fundraising/Donation Letter
April 12, 2006
Dear Dr. Elisabeth Griffith,
I am writing you on the behalf of the Women’s Empower Program, a non-profit
organization that spreads awareness about violence against women and girls. At the
Empower Program, we provide female victims of domestic violence and abuse with
support groups, counseling and safe-houses across the country.
On May 31, 2006, the Empower Program will be hosting a fundraiser, Empower-Ring, at
Central Park, in New York, to raise $25,000 for a new safe-house in Nevada. The
Empower Program currently has 15 safe-houses in 12 states with the highest rate of
violence against women. The new safe-house will provide female victims of Las Vegas,
Nevada a safe environment to seek refuge, counseling and help with how to get out of
their violent situation.
We understand the Empower-Ring has a high fundraising goal and would appreciate
your financial sponsorship. The Empower Program has already started fundraising by
accepting Empower employee donations and I have already made a personal
contribution of $200. Your contribution of any amount between $50-$10,000 would
greatly help the Empower Program reach their goal in time for our May 1 deadline.
At Empower-Ring, the Empower Program will be inviting local and national businesses,
women’s organizations and families to participate in the event. If you could donate an
item for our auction, provide food/beverages, print posters and t-shirts for the event, that
would help make Empower-Ring a huge success. At Empower-Ring, the Empower
Program will also be giving 100 sterling silver rings to the most involved Empower
members. If you could either donate the rings or help pay for them that too would be
greatly appreciated.
In return for your generosity, the Empower Program will be printing the names of each
business involved with the event on commemorative t-shirts.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and about the Empower Program. We
hope you consider making a donation. If you have any questions or need further
information, please feel free to contact me via email at Lrandazzo@m.org or visit our
website at www.Empower.org.
Leah C. Randazzo
Donation Letter Template 1