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Church Newsletter 1

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Church Newsletter 1
Church Newsletter 1
[Insert Church Name]
Welcome to the first issue of the Church Bulletin. This
bulletin provides schedule and event information. It
contains a “Meet The Team Member” section, as well
as a few articles.
Volume One
A Novel Technique for Strong Passwords
The ever-increasing power of computers keeps making
passwords more vulnerable. Passwords that were once
too strong to crack in a practical amount of time are
now fair game. That makes longer and more
complicated passwords with a variety of character types
a necessity. It also means having a collection of
passwords that most people can’t remember.
One solution is to use one of the free password
managers with a lot of different long passwords. But
there is another possible approach suggested by fellow
editor Ritho. The suggestion intrigued me enough that I
decided to do some investigating. It involves using one
of the many web sites that are available to turn a string
of characters upside down and backwards. One of these
sites is here and another is at this link. I have used this
latter site for the following examples.
Type in gizmo and you get this: oɯƃ. This may seem
too short for a password but it is much stronger than
plain gizmo. According to one password checker, plain
gizmo would be cracked instantly whereas oɯƃ
would take 6 hours to crack on a desktop computer. A
password TechSupportAlert might rapidly fall to a
Inside This Issue
Volume One 1
A Novel Technique for Strong Passwords 1
Get to know [Insert Name] 2
A Worship Leader's Perspective 2
How to Surf More Securely 3
How to Use the Praise Band to Clear the Stage 4
dictionary attack but its upside down version
ʇɹǝןɐʇɹoddnsɥɔǝʇ is rated at 10 sextillion years. These
numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt but they do
show that the upside down version is much harder to
crack. (Of course, a cracker might also think of turning
obvious strings upside down.) This suggests that you
might be able to use shorter and more easily
remembered strings to create a password. (But don’t
lose the upside down version.)
The method for turning strings of characters upside
down and backwards uses JavaScript to find Unicode
characters that are reasonable facsimiles of the flipped
characters. The original characters are not actually
flipped but a large assortment of Unicode characters is
searched to find a close resemblance. The results will
vary somewhat depending on which site you use for
flipping. Each site has certain limitations and for
practical reasons does not employ the full set of Unicode
characters. (A quick explanation of Unicode characters
is given in this article.)
From http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/novel-
By [Insert Name]
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Church Newsletter 1