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Apology Letter for Missing Appointment 2

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Apology Letter for Missing Appointment 2
Sample Letter of Apology
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Interviewer's Name
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Dear (Mr. Ms. Interviewer's Name),
I am very sorry that I missed our scheduled appointment last Tuesday. I attempted to get
a message to you that my car broke down in the middle of I-80 and I needed to
immediately deal with towing and subsequent repairs. I hope you received my message
and were not too inconvenienced by me missing our appointment.
Our meeting was very important to me. As we discussed previously, the work your
organization is involved in interests me tremendously. I think I could be an asset to your
I will call your office within the week to reschedule another appointment that is
convenient for you. I look forward to meeting with you.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Your name
Apology Letter for Missing Appointment 2