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Alaska Statutory Power of Attorney Form

The Alaska statutory power of attorney is a statutory form of Alaska used by the grantor to authorize the attorney-in-fact to act on his/her behalf in his/her property and other related matters.

Alaska Statutory Power of Attorney Form
Alaska Statutory Power of Attorney Form
Power of Attorney
This packet contains the Alaska form for a Power of
Attorney. Alaska Legal Services Corporation provides this
as a service to you and does not take responsibility for how
you fill it out. The law allows you to fill out this form on your
own. This packet contains general information to assist you.
However, if you have questions, please contact an attorney.
The Alaska Bar Association (272-0352 or 1-800-770-9999
outside Anchorage) can provide you with a list of attorneys.
If you cannot afford an attorney or if you are 60 years or
older, Alaska Legal Services may be able to assist you.
Please call: Anchorage, 272-9431 or (888) 478-2572;
Bethel, 543-2237 or (800) 478-2230; Dillingham, 842-1452
or (888) 391-1475; Fairbanks, 452-5181 or (800) 478-5401;
Juneau, 586-6425 or (800) 789-6426; Ketchikan, 225-6420;
Kotzebue, 442-3500 or (877) 622-9797; and Nome, 443-
2230 or (888) 495-6663.
This booklet is provided by Alaska Legal Services Corporation, a statewide private
nonprofit organization. Nothing contained in this publication is to be considered as the
rendering of legal advice for specific cases and readers are responsible for obtaining
such advice from an attorney.
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Alaska 99501, Telephone toll-free 888-478-2572 (in Anchorage, 272-9431)
February 2005
Alaska Statutory Power of Attorney Form