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Against Medical Advice (Ama Form)

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Against Medical Advice (Ama Form)
Against Medical Advice (Ama Form)
This is to certify that I, ________________________________________,
a patient at __________________________________________(fill in name
of your hospital), am refusing at my own insistence and without the authority
of and against the advice of my attending physician(s)
_______________________________________, request to leave against
medical advice.
The medical risks/benefits have been explained to me by a member of the
medical staff and I understand those risks.
I hereby release the medical center, its administration, personnel, and my
attending and/or resident physician(s) from any responsibility for all
consequences, which may result by my leaving under these circumstances.
_____Death _____Additional pain and/or suffering
_____Risks to unborn fetus _____Permanent disability/disfigurement
_____ History/physical examination, further additional testing and treatment
as indicated.
_____ Radiological imaging such as:
_____CAT scan ____X-rays ____ ultrasound (sonogram)
_____ Laboratory testing _____ Potentional admission and/or follow-up
_____ Medications as indicated for infection, pain, blood pressure, etc.
_____ Other:____________________________________________
Please return at any time for further testing or treatment
Patient Signature_______________________ Date_______________
Physician Signature_____________________ Date_______________
Witness ______________________________ Date_______________
Against Medical Advice (Ama Form)