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Wyoming Commercial Lease Form

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Wyoming Commercial Lease Form
Wyoming Commercial Lease Form
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Form WY-988LT
- 1 -
This lease agreement is entered into on this the ______ day of ______________________, 20 _____, by and between:
_______________________________________________________, (hereinafter called “LESSOR”), whether one or more,
_______________________________________________________, (hereinafter called “LESSEE”), whether one or more.
For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, LESSOR and LESSEE do hereby
covenant, contract and agree as follows:
1. PREMISES AND TERM: LESSOR, hereby leases
to LESSEE for the term commencing on the ________
day of ________________________, 20___ and ending
on the ______ day of ___________________,20___, (the
“TERM”) the following described premises in its present
condition, located in _________________ County,
(hereinafter called the “PREMISES or LEASED
PREMISES”). LESSEE also has a right for the benefit of
LESSEE, its employees, agents and invitees for access to
and from the Leased Premises through the building and
over property of LESSOR adjoining the Leased Premises,
and to use those parts of the building designated by
LESSOR for use by LESSEE, including but not limited to
toilet rooms, elevators and unrestricted parking areas, if
2. RENEWAL: LESSEE and LESSOR may agree to
extend or renew the lease, with any agreed modifications,
in a separate, signed document.
3. RENT: The LESSEE covenants to pay to LESSOR
as Rent the sum of ____________________Dollars
($__________) per month, (hereinafter “the Rent”), in
advance without demand on or before the first day of each
month at the office of the LESSOR. The Rent for the
month of _______________, which is the first month of
this lease shall be paid in the amount of
________________________ Dollars) ($ ___________),
which amount is the prorated rent based upon the date this
lease commences.
The LESSEE shall pay the Rent when due and payable,
without any setoff, deduction or prior demand
whatsoever. Any payment by LESSEE or acceptance by
LESSOR of a lesser amount than shall be due from
LESSEE to LESSOR shall be treated as payment on
account. The acceptance by LESSOR of a check for a
lesser amount with an endorsement or statement thereon,
or upon any letter accompanying such check, that such
lesser amount is payment in full, shall be given no effect,
and LESSOR may accept such check without prejudice to
any other rights or remedies which LESSOR may have
against LESSEE.
4. LATE CHARGES: LESSEE shall pay a late charge
in the amount of ______________ percent (_____%) of
the outstanding delinquent balance for any payment of the
rent not made within ____ days after the due date to cover
the extra expense involved in handling late payments, but
not more than ________ dollars for any one month. This
charge is in addition to any other rights or remedies of the
5. UTILITIES: LESSEE shall pay all charges for
utilities for the PREMISES except for the following,
which shall be paid by LESSOR:
______________. On failure of LESSEE to pay the
utilities when due, LESSOR shall enforce payment in the
same manner as rent in arrears.
LESSOR agrees that LESSEE, upon paying
the rent and on performing all terms of this lease, shall
peaceably enjoy the Leased Premises during the term of
this lease. By occupying the Leased Premises as a tenant,
or installing fixtures, facilities, or equipment or
performing finished work, LESSEE shall be deemed to
have accepted the same and to have acknowledged that
the Premises are in the condition required by this lease.
LESSEE acknowledges that LESSEE has examined and
knows the condition of the Leased Premises, and has
received the same in good order and repair, and agrees:
(a) To use these Leased Premises only
(b) To surrender the Leased Premises to LESSOR at
the end of the Term or any renewal without the
Wyoming Commercial Lease Form