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Woven Heart Template

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Woven Heart Template
Woven Heart Template
Woven Heart Basket
Use the templates at the bottom of this project. Each template will make a different sized basket. You will need to make 4 copies of
one of the sizes to complete a basket. If you are using standard A4 copy paper, you can print directly rather than tracing by hand.
You will need:
decorative paper in 2 different colours or patterns
glue stick
1. Transfer and cut your chosen size of
template onto each of the papers. You
will need 2 of each paper type.
2. Weave the 6 strips of paper together.
6. Stick small pieces of tape to the gaps
on the overhanging pieces.
7. Fold the overhanging edges back
8. Run a line of glue along the folded
9. Glue the fold edges together, so the
hearts are facing outward.
10. Glue or tape a handle to the inside of
the basket. Use the left over paper or
some ribbon or string.
11. Fill the basket with your choice of
Woven Heart Template