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Welcome Letter for New Members (Sample)

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Welcome Letter for New Members (Sample)
Welcome Letter for New Members (Sample)
Dear [New Member – personalize]:
Welcome to the Blue Bird Audubon Society. As a new member of our Chapter, we hope to
serve you in many ways. Your first newsletter, The Blue Bird’s Call, is enclosed. Through it,
you will start to become familiar with the people and activities that make your Chapter special.
Be sure to check out the list of scheduled activities on page 6. To receive our newsletter online,
please subscribe at [URL].
Please bookmark our website [include URL], where you will find complete information on our
programs and activities. If you are a part of the Facebook online community, be sure to become a
fan of Blue Bird Audubon Society’s page [URL]!
There are so many ways for you to get involved. We are working on a number of conservation
projects, including putting up blue bird boxes, preserving the Blue Bird Meadowlands as open
space, and cleaning up Birdwater Creek. If you would like more information about any of these
projects, please call our Conservation Chair, Betty Smith at 200-555-1234.
We also have an active bird watching team. All levels of expertise are welcome, from beginner
to expert. In the past six months, we’ve hiked the beautiful hills of Springwater Wildlife Refuge,
gone on day trips to Mountain Gorge and the Great Swamp, and gone out before dawn for a
magical morning finding owls that ended with a hearty breakfast at the Brookside Country Inn.
John McNeil, at 200-555-1432 would be happy to give you details on future trips. I hope you
can join us soon.
I think the best part of what our Chapter does is have fun! Our Members’ Night each season,
with people sharing slides and stories of their wildlife adventures often resemble a “can you top
this” competition. Our Family Fun Day gets everyone out for games, crafts, and great
barbecuing. And our pot luck dinners are famous! Janet Thurman, our program chair, would
love to see you at our next event. Call Janet at 200-555-4231 for dates and details.
I know that life gets busy, but I personally hope you will make time to come to our next meeting.
Please look for one of our greeters at the doors. They will be happy to introduce you to other
members who share your interests.
Paul Douglas, President
Blue Bird Audubon Society
Welcome Letter for New Members (Sample)