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Washington State Month to Month Rental Agreement

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Washington State Month to Month Rental Agreement
Washington State Month to Month Rental Agreement
WA State Lease / Rental Agreement
& Security Deposit Receipt
Reviewed 07/2013 | Revised 04/2013
Formal legal advice and review is recommended for both Resident and Owner prior to selection and use of provided form.
RHA does not represent your selection or execution of this form as appropriate for your specic circumstances.
© RHA 2012. For use by current RHA members only. No representation is made as to the sufciency or tax consequences from use of this form.
Page 1 of 7 O/A: _________ R:___________________________
THIS AGREEMENT made this ________ day of ___________, 20____ between_________________________________________________________
(who shall be the Landlord as dened in law, hereinafter called “Owner”) and ____________________________________________________________
(regardless of number, who shall be the Tenant as dened in law, hereinafter called “Resident”), for rental Premises located at
_______________________________________________________, City of _____________________________, County of_____________________,
Washington (hereinafter called the “Premises”).
1. TERM: The term of this Agreement shall be (check one):
a) ______ a month-to-month tenancy beginning ___________________________; OR
b) ______ a Lease for a term of _______ months beginning ________________, 20______ and ending ________________, 20______.
If a Lease for a term greater than one year, have all signatures notarized and attach a legal description of the Property.
If Paragraph 1(b) is checked above, check one of the following:
c) ______ Upon expiration of the above-stated initial term of Lease, this Agreement shall revert to a month-to-month tenancy on the same terms and
conditions as this Agreement except as may be amended by Owner upon thirty days’ written notice, OR
d) ______ Upon expiration of the above-stated initial term of Lease, all Resident’s rights to occupy the premises shall cease without right to extend
the term hereof. This Agreement shall not revert to a month-to-month tenancy following expiration of the term.
2. RENT: Resident shall pay monthly rent and other charges in the following amounts:
The total amount set forth above is considered rent and is payable in advance by the _________ day of each and every month during said term to Owner at
______________________________________________________________________________________, Washington ______________, or any such
other place that the Owner may from time to time designate. Any rent unpaid by the due date is termed delinquent. Owner may, at Owner’s option, apply
funds received from Resident to balances due in the following order: damage, repairs, unpaid utilities, late payment charges, notice fees, miscellaneous
charges such as parking or storage rental, past due rent, and current rent. At any time during a month to month tenancy, rent may be increased on 30 days
written notice, except for housing cost increases for properties within the Seattle city limits where the increase exceeds 10% annually, which shall require
60 days’ written notice.
Rent received on or after the ________ day of each month shall result in assessment against Resident of a $_______ late payment charge plus $_______
each additional day thereafter that rent has not been paid in full, all of which shall be considered to be additional rent and must be paid at the time the
delinquent rent is paid.
Any check which fails to clear the bank shall be treated as unpaid rent and shall be subject to the aforementioned late payment charge, plus a $________
returned check fee. Should Resident submit a check that is dishonored or returned for non-sufcient funds, or should Resident offer payment to cure
any default such as following receipt of a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate, Resident shall make such payment by cash, cashier’s check or money order. If
Resident gives Owner a check that is returned for non-payment, all future payments by Resident shall be made by cash, cashier’s check or money order.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Owner may issue a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate immediately after the rental due date without waiting until late
payment charges begin to accrue.
If for reason of non-payment of rent Owner shall give a statutory 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate, or if Owner shall lawfully issue any other notice
permitted pursuant to RCW 59.12 et seq. or RCW 59.18 et seq., Resident agrees to pay in addition to the delinquent rent and late payment charges
provided for above, the sum of $________ for preparing and giving the notice, which shall be paid by the deadline for compliance with the Notice.
3. DEPOSIT: Resident agrees to pay the sum of $____________ as a deposit for all purposes, including unpaid rent, damage, cleaning, late payment,
utilities, keys and other charges. The deposit shall be kept in a trust account with ____________________________________________ Bank, whose
address is _______________________________________________________. Resident’s liability is not limited by the amount of the deposit. Resident
is prohibited from applying any amount of the deposit to rental or other payments owed to Owner. At the conclusion of the tenancy, Resident shall provide
Owner with a single forwarding address to which the deposit accounting and any refund is to be sent. Any refund will be by a single check payable to all
individual Residents and they shall apportion any refund among themselves. Owner’s itemized statement for retaining any of the deposit, together with any
refund owing shall be sent to Resident’s forwarding address within 14 days after termination of this Agreement and vacation of the premises, conditioned
upon Resident’s compliance with this Agreement and the following:
Washington State Month to Month Rental Agreement