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Verbal Warning Letter

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Verbal Warning Letter
Template 4.10 – Verbal Warning Letter
[Insert employee’s name and address]
[Insert date]
Dear [insert name],
Re: Verbal warning
I write further to the disciplinary hearing on [insert date].
At this meeting, your conduct/performance was discussed with the regard to:
[Detail allegation as per the invitation to disciplinary hearing letter]
Accordingly, I am writing to confirm the decision taken that you receive a verbal warning, in
accordance with the company’s disciplinary procedure.
This warning will be placed in your personnel file, but will be disregarded for disciplinary purposes
after a period of six months, provided your performance/conduct* reaches a satisfactory level.
The improvement expected is [outline the improvement you expect].
The timescale within which the improvement is required is [insert period].
The likely consequence of insufficient improvement is further disciplinary action.
I have to warn you at this stage that the company may consider dismissal as part of this process.
You have the right to appeal against this decision, in writing, to [insert details] within five working
days of receiving this letter.
Yours sincerely,
[insert your name]
[insert your job title]
For and on behalf of [insert company name]
Note: this letter should be printed on your company’s letterhead.
*Please delete as appropriate.
Verbal Warning Letter