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Vehicle Lease Agreement 1

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Vehicle Lease Agreement 1
TemplateLeased Vehicle Model Agreement – Template – Leased Vehicle Model Agreement
Leased Vehicle Model Agreement
[This template is provided as a starting point. Not all portions may be
applicable to your situation. Modify as appropriate. Always have legal
counsel review prior to signing any agreement.]
WHEREAS, Name of Organization Owning the Vehicle desires to make available to
Name of Organization Leasing the Vehicle, hereinafter referred to as “LESSEE,” the
use of the vehicle(s) (hereinafter referred to as “VEHICLE(S)”) described below to
be driven by approved drivers.
License plate number:
NOW, THEREFORE, Name of Organization Owning the Vehicle and LESSEE agree as
Responsibilities of LESSEE are as follows:
1. Allow only those drivers pre-authorized by Name of Organization Owning the
Vehicle or its representative to drive the vehicle(s). [If the organization owning
the vehicle will supply a driver, specify that here instead.]
Vehicle Lease Agreement 1