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Vacation Packing Checklist

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Vacation Packing Checklist
Last Updated: 6/26/2007 www.didyoupack.com
Bath towels (usually only 1/person is supplied)
Bed linens (usually supplied)
Favorite Pillow
Wash cloths (usually only 1/person is supplied; bring your old ones)
Check all doors and windows are locked
Check stove, oven and iron
Forward phone to cell phone
Give key to neighbors for security, mail and newspapers
Lock windows and doors
Put timer on lights
Reduce heat, hot water heater and A/C settings
Secure all outdoor items
Set alarm
Set heat/air conditioning to moderate temp
Set timer lights
Stop mail delivery
Stop newspaper delivery
Unplug appliances: TVs, VCRS/DVD players, coffee maker, toaster, computer
Unplug chargers in unused cars (drains the battery in 2-3 weeks)
Water plants
Prep for Vacation
Contact your cell phone provider to check:
Coverage where you’ll vacation.
If there are roaming charges, consider a temporary plan change.
Car or booster seat laws by state: http://www.inventiveparent.com/state-laws.htm
Copy all IDs, credit cards, travelers checks, memberships (AAA), seal in envelope, give to trusted contact
MP3 downloads: recorded books from the library, podCasts, music
Pet care arrangements
SMS numbers for cell phone text messages to obtain local info: Google SMS, Starbucks SMS, Traffic Map SMS
Send email to all vacationers; give all your cell numbers and ask for theirs; update all your cell phones
Update GPS software with latest maps.
Update jump drive with new account info
Give neighbors your travel information:
Cell phone numbers
Itinerary during trip
Name and car of house/pet sitter
Name, address, telephone number
Vacation dates
Vacation phone numbers
Emergency number (a friend/relative)
Give housesitter information about house:
Alarm information
Cars will be left out
Lights will be left on
Names of any maintenance people (gardeners, maid service, etc.)
Vacation Packing Checklist