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Utah Asbestos Disclosure Form

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Utah Asbestos Disclosure Form
Utah Asbestos Disclosure Form
Asbestos and other similar materials were commonly used in buildings constructed prior to 1981.
According to the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asbestos materials do not pose
any health risks to residents so long as these materials are not disturbed or dislodged. EPA rules do not
require asbestos materials to be removed. Disturbing or dislodging these materials (through pounding,
scraping, sanding, etc.) may cause asbestos fibers to become airborne. This disclosure is provided to
Tenant as a warning that the Property may expose Tenant to chemicals which are known to cause
Tenant agrees that no improvements, alterations, modifications, or repairs to the premises shall be made
without the express written approval of the Landlord. If approval is provided, Tenant agrees to abide by
a written plan designed to prevent and protect from releasing or exposing Tenant to asbestos. If tenant
wishes, Tenant may order (at Tenant’s expense) an inspection to determine the presence of any asbestos
and, if asbestos is found, Tenant has the right to cancel any lease agreement concerning the Property
within thirty (30) days following the beginning of the lease term.
Tenant agrees to hang pictures and any other items on any wall with hangers/nails which are less than
¼” in diameter. Tenant will immediately notify Landlord of any of the following:
Any hole in any wall larger than ¼” diameter,
Evidence of a water leak, and/or
Any appearance of crumbling or peeling in the wallboard or ceilings.
Tenant acknowledges that Tenant has not received any representations by Landlord regarding the
presence, or absence, or asbestos on or about the Property.
(Landlord much check one)
____ Landlord hereby discloses any known information concerning asbestos and the Property:
____ Landlord has no knowledge of asbestos or asbestos hazards located in or around the Property.
Tenant ______________________________ ______________________________ ____/____/____
Typed Name Signature Date
Tenant ______________________________ ______________________________ ____/____/____
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Tenant ______________________________ ______________________________ ____/____/____
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Utah Asbestos Disclosure Form