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Travel Expense Log

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Travel Expense Log
Travel Expense Log
Travel Expense Log for
Non-Meal Expenses Under $25 and Meal Expenses Under $10*
Policy 112-03E
Enter Information; Tab to next Cell
Traveler's Name: Dates of Travel:
Cost Center Name: Cost Center Number:
Purpose of Trip:
Requestor's signature/Date Printed name Extension
Authorized approval signature/Date Printed name Extension
Amount Paid
Business Purpose / Description of Expense
* This log may serve in place of receipts as supporting documentation for travel non-meal expenses under $25 and meal expenses under $10. Such expenses must still be
reported on an Expense Report (APY 005 or APY 015) or Employee Reimbursement Form. The signed original log must be attached and submitted with the Expense
Report or Employee Reimbursement Form.
Travel Expense Log