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Traditional Wedding Day Timeline

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Traditional Wedding Day Timeline
Coordinator ____________________________ tel: ____________________________
Bride ____________________________ tel: ____________________________
Groom ____________________________ tel: ____________________________
Ceremony _________________________________________tel: ____________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________
Reception _________________________________________tel: ____________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________
_____ Photo/Video Arrive Bridesmaids to be ready for photos (allow 15 min)
*TIP* Get a nice hanger for your dress. Have shoes, rings (clean please), and bouquet ready for photos.
_____ Bride to step into dress *TIP* If you have a corset style dress, allow 20 minutes for lacing. (allow 15 min)
_____ Portraits (allow 45 min)
Bride with each Bridesmaid
Bride with all Bridesmaids
Bride with Mother
Bride with Mother and Father
Bride with Father
_____ Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready (allow 15 min)
_____ Portraits (allow 30-45 min)
Groom with each Groomsman
Groom with all Groomsmen
Groom with Mother
Groom with Mother and Father
Groom with Father
_____ Groomsmen to Start Ushering (allow 15 min)
_____ Ceremony (allow 30 min - 1 hour)
_____ Formal Portraits (allow 1 hour - 1 hour 30 min)
*TIP* Inform family members and wedding party to stay close after the ceremony.
Bride & Groom add bride’s parents
Bride & Groom add bride’s parents add siblings
Bride & Groom add bride’s parents add siblings add extended family
Bride & Groom add groom’s parents Bride & Groom add groom’s parents add siblings
Bride & Groom add groom’s parents add siblings add extended family
Wedding Party Photos
Bride and Groom Photos
_____ Cocktail Hour (allow 1 hour - 1 hour 30 min - going on as Formal Portraits are taken )
_____ Grand Entrance
_____ First Dance
_____ Salads Plated and Speeches
*TIP* Serve salads BEFORE speeches. Speeches that run long make for wilting salads and put dinner behind schedule.
_____ Entrées Served
*TIP* Serve your vendors as you are served so they can take a break and be back for all of the action!
No one likes their picture taken while they are eating so it’s the perfect time.
_____ Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances
_____ Open Dancing
_____ Cake Cutting/Bouquet & Garter
Wedding Sedu
Traditional Wedding Day Timeline