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Texas Monthly Rental Agreement Form

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Texas Monthly Rental Agreement Form
This Lease Agreement (“Lease”) is entered by and between _______________________ (“Landlord”) and
_____________________________________________ (“Tenant”) on ___________________________.
Landlord and Tenant may collectively be referred to as the “Parties.” This Lease creates joint and several
liabilities in the case of multiple Tenants. The Parties agree as follows:
PREMISES: Landlord hereby leases the premises located at ____________________________________
_______________________________ (the “Premises”) to Tenant.
LEASE TERM: The Lease will start on _____________________ and will continue as a month-to-month
tenancy. To terminate tenancy the Landlord or Tenant must give the other party a written 30 day notice of
Lease non-renewal. The Tenant may only terminate their Lease on the last day of any month and the
Landlord must receive a written notification of non-renewal at least 30 days prior to the last day of that
month. If the Tenant plans to leave on or after the first of any month, they are responsible for that month’s
full rent. If the Tenant does not provide the Landlord with a written 30 day notice, they shall forfeit their
full deposit amount.
LEASE PAYMENTS: Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as rent for the Premises the amount of $_______
each month in advance on the ____ day of each month at ________________________ or at any other
address designated by Landlord. If the Lease Term does not start on the ____ day of the month or end on
the _____ day of a month, the first and last month’s rent will be prorated accordingly.
LATE CHARGES: Rent is due on the ___ of each month. If any or all of the rent is not received by the
_____ of the month, $BBBBB per day will be charged as late fees until full rental payment is re
ceived. If rent is
not re
ceived by the ____ of the month, Tenant will be considered in breach of the Lease Agreement and
eviction proceedings will be initiated.
INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: Tenant agrees to pay the charge of $____ for each check given by Tenant to
Landlord that is returned to Landlord for lack of sufficient funds.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: At the signing of this Lease, Tenant shall deposit with Landlord, in trust, a
security deposit of $_________ as security for the performance by Tenant of the terms under this Lease and
for any damages caused by Tenant, Tenant’s family, agents and visitors to the Premises during the term of
this Lease. Landlord may use part or all of the security deposit to repair any damage to the Premises
caused by Tenant, Tenant’s family, agents and visitors to the Premises. However, Landlord is not just
limited to the security deposit amount and Tenant remains liable for any balance. Tenant shall not apply or
deduct any portion of any security deposit from the last or any month’s rent. Tenant shall not use or apply
any such security deposit at any time in lieu of payment of rent. If Tenant breaches any terms or conditions
of this Lease, Tenant shall forfeit any deposit, as permitted by law.
DEFAULTS: If Tenant fails to perform or fulfill any obligation under this Lease, Tenant shall be in
default of this Lease. Subject to any statute ordinance or law to the contrary, Tenant shall have seven (7)
days from the date of notice of default by Landlord to cure the default. In the event Tenant does not cure a
default, Landlord may at Landlord’s option: a) cure such default and the cost of such action may be added
to Tenant’s financial obligations under this Lease; or b) declare Tenant in default of the Lease. In the event
of default, Landlord may also, as permitted by law, re-enter the Premises and re-take possession of the
Premises. Landlord may, at its option, hold Tenant liable for any difference between the rent that would
have been payable under this Lease during the balance of the unexpired term, if this Lease had continued in
force and any rent paid by any successive Tenant if the Premises are re-let. In the event Landlord is unable
to re-let the Premises during any remaining term of this Lease, after default by Tenant, Landlord may at its
option hold Tenant liable for the balance of the unpaid rent under this Lease if this Lease had continued in
force. The failure of Tenants or their guests or invitees to comply with any term of this Agreement is
ground for termination of the tenancy, with appropriate notice to Tenants and procedures as required by law.
Texas Monthly Rental Agreement Form