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Texas Liability Release Form 3

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This liability release form is provided by Heart of Texas Baptist Camp and Conference Center to release its future liability during the camper's participation in any camp activity.

Texas Liability Release Form 3
Texas Liability Release Form 3
Liability Release Form
Heart of Texas Baptist Camp and Conference Center
8025 N FM 2125, Brownwood, TX 76801 (phone) 325-784-5821 (fax) 325-784-6293 [email protected]
Heart of Texas Baptist Camp & Conference Center, hereinafter referred to as the “Camp,” requires that all attendees of the Camp and all
participants of any Camp activity have a signed release form on file. Camp activities include (but are not limited to), Challenge/Ropes Course (highs
and lows), Paintball, Water Crafts, Water Toys, Lake Inflatables, Slip-N-Slide, Swimming Pool, Bicycles, Camping, Basketball, Football, Baseball,
Softball, Volleyball, and any and all other camp and recreational sports and activities. Furthermore, this form releases the Camp to photograph and/or
use photographs of myself or my child for use in it’s publications, advertising, promotional purposes, internet, and/or visual presentations which
inform people of the services and activities of the Camp. The signature provided confirms this Agreement to Attend and Participate in Camp activities.
The signature provided also confirms the Assumption of Risk and Releases the camp from Responsibility in any and all claims.
Attendance and Activities at Camp may include warm-ups, games, group activities, high and/or low challenge course elements, and/or other rigorous
physical activities as well as exposure to animals, snakes, local flora and insects. Camp takes all reasonable precautions to ensure you a safe and
enjoyable experience. Parts of the experience, by their nature, can be physically demanding and include varying levels of stress and anxiety, not all of
which can be foreseen. The decision to attend the Camp and the decision to participate in any Camp activity at any level IS AT ALL TIMES
COMPLETELY UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL’S CHOICE and, if there is attendance at the Camp and participation at any level of any Camp
activity, there is risk, which must be assumed by each attendee and by each participant. Although it is the Camp’s goal to maintain the utmost physical
safety in any activity; the physical, emotional and social risk must be assumed by each attendee and participant.
“I understand that attendance at the Camp and participation in any Camp activity may be physically and emotionally demanding. I recognize the
inherent risk of physical and/or emotional injury of attending Camp and participating in any/or all Camp activities. I understand that each participant
must assume the risk of any injury and/or emotional and any financial responsibility that could result from attending Camp and participating in any
Camp Activity. I agree to assume such risks and such responsibility. I, on my behalf, and on behalf of my heirs and assigns, hereby release,
indemnify and hold harmless Heart of Texas Baptist Camp and Conference Center from any and all claims, physical and emotional,
including bodily injury, that I may have that may be sustained in connection with my attending Camp and with my participation in any
and/or all Camp activities.”
If you feel that there are any activities in which you or your child should not be involved in, please describe for us on an attached sheet the activities
(include name and church/group name on the sheet). I have read (or had read to me) this complete document and I understand the information
contained herein. I have freely and voluntarily signed this document.
___/___/___ ____________________
Signature of Attendee/Participant Signature of Parent or Guardian (if Attendee/Participant is under 18)
date of the
you are
at Heart of Texas Baptist Camp.
Name of Retreat/Camp: ____________________________________
Date of Retreat/Camp: ____/____/____ through ____/____/____
Liability Release Form
and Health Statement Form in their entirety. Both forms
are mandatory for attendance/participation. Type or print
legibly in Dark Ink. Send in with registration.
1. All camper medications are to be listed on the Health Statement Form and taken to the Medical Station to be registered with the Medical Staff.
All medications MUST be in original bottle and/or container. Medications will be administered as per RX label instructions and dosage by the
Camp Medical Staff unless written, signed and dated parental instructions state otherwise. Students are not to share any medications, including
over-the-counter medications.
2. ALL illness and/or injury MUST be reported to the Camp Medical Staff. Campers who are ill or injured must be either in the Camp Office,
Medical Station or hospital. In the event of illness or injury, campers will not be permitted to remain in their dorms.
3. Prank supplies are not allowed in the dorms. (i.e. shaving cream, body paint, water balloons, water guns/blasters). There are no exceptions.
4. Pool and Waterfront swimming must be scheduled through the Camp Office prior to arrival. Designated Camp Lifeguards must be on duty for
any pool or waterfront use. No “free swimming” is allowed in the lake or pool. Lifejackets are required for lakefront activities, regardless of
the person’s age or water safety ability.
5. The Challenge Course must be scheduled through the Camp Office prior to arrival. The Challenge Course is not available for unsupervised
use; a ropes certified member of the HOTBC staff must be present.
6. The Paintball Course must be scheduled through the Camp Office prior to arrival. The Paintball Course is not available for unsupervised
use; a member of the HOTBC staff must be present.
7. Drugs, alcohol, any form of tobacco, firearms, knives or any kind of weapon or fireworks are NOT allowed.
8. Campers are not allowed to cross any camp fence boundaries or gain entrance through any locked door or gate without Camp Staff
authorization and supervision. Any camper taking part in such activity will be considered trespassing.
9. Campers are expected to reflect a Christian example by their dress. Shorts must be longer than the arm and hand when extended down the side
of the person. Modest skirts and dresses are acceptable and jeans are always acceptable. Immodest shorts or tops, spaghetti strap tops,
distasteful designs or messages, cheer shorts and other extreme cloths are not acceptable at any time. Only one-piece swimsuits, or tankinis that
cover more than 80% or the stomach, are allowed. Bikinis, French cut or one piece resembling two-piece swimwear will require a dark colored
t-shirt to be worn over them. Campers will be asked to change their attire if an adult feels their dress is inappropriate.
10. Refrain from Public Display of Affection (PDA) with others.
11. Campers are not allowed to bring electronic equipment to camp. This includes (but is not limited to) Computers, Game Systems, CD Players,
Tape Players, Radios, Televisions, DVD players, and VCRs.
12. Under NO circumstances are girls to be in guys rooms/dorms or guys in girls rooms/dorms.
13. There is zero tolerance for fighting. Those caught fighting will be sent home immediately.
14. No Personal Recreational Vehicles are allowed on campgrounds without prior approval by HOTBC administration. This includes (but is not
limited to) motorcycles, scooters and 4 wheelers.
15. Students are to respect all adult leaders and follow their instructions. All adults (including HOTBC staff, attending camp staff, counselors and
leadership) are in places of authority over all campers. They have been trained in how to guide students for each particular event.
16. Campers MUST be in the dorm by designated camp curfew. Your curfew is for your security and for your mental and physical well-being.
17. Guests are not allowed to bring pets on campus. No pets in the dorms, motels or meeting rooms.
18. No graffiti and/or vandalism toward camp property will be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) writing, marking, carving, devaluing
in any way, and/or destroying bunks, bathroom stalls, walls, windows, furniture, buildings, equipment and/or foliage. Each camp will be
charged an additional fee for any graffiti, vandalism and/or destruction of property.
All a
a youth
must have a
Criminal B
and a
Background Check performed prior to arrival on campgrounds. Results must be presented upon arrival. It is the responsibility of each
participating church to perform & submit the necessary checks. New State Law requires all adults having any contact with minors at
camp must attend a training program & exam on recognizing and preventing sexual abuse and child molestation. This training and
examination material may be provided by Heart of Texas Baptist Camp. If training occurs prior to arrival proof must be presented.
Texas Liability Release Form 3