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Texas Liability Release Form 2

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This liability release form is provided by Camp Cedarbrook to release its future liability during the rider's participation in horse riding activities.

Texas Liability Release Form 2
Texas Liability Release Form 2
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CAMP CEDARBROOK Horse Liability Release Form
For Individuals
This form must be completed by and for each participant
Stable Name, hereinafter known as “This Stable”.
Location: 557 CR 331 Rosebud, Tx 76570
Serious injury may result from your participation in this activity.
This stable does not guarantee your safety.
A. REGISTRATION OF RIDERS AND AGREEMENT PURPOSE in consideration of the payment of a fee and the
signing of this agreement, I, the following listed individual, and the parent or legal guardians thereof if a minor, do hereby
agree to hire from This Stable a horse, tack and equipment, personnel and trail for the purpose of horseback riding today
and on all future dates:
If under 21 over 200lb EXPERIENCE
_______________________________________________ ________ yes under 10 hours
no over 10 hours
Does this rider have physical and/or mental health conditions, problems, and/or disabilities, which may affect his/her
safety and ability to ride a horse
YES NO If “Yes” describe here:
Rider, and if a minor, parent or guardian must write initials below after reading each section.
______ B. AGREEMENT SCOPE AND TERRITORY AND DEFINITIONS: This agreement shall be legally binding upon
me the registered rider, and the parents or legal guardians thereof if a minor, my heirs, estate, assigns, including all minor
children, and personal representatives; and it shall be interpreted according to the laws of the state and county of this
stable’s physical location. Any dispute by the rider shall be litigated in and venue shall be the county in which the stable is
physically located. If any clause, phrase or word is in conflict with state law, then that single part is null and void. The
term “horse” herein shall refer to all equine species. The term “horseback riding” herein shall refer to riding or otherwise
handling of horses, ponies, mules or donkeys, whether from the ground or mounted. The term “rider” shall herein refer to
a person who rides a horse mounted or otherwise handles or comes near a horse from the ground. The terms “I’ “me”
“my” shall herein refer to the above registered rider and the parents or legal guardians thereof if a minor.
______ C. ACTIVITY RISK CLASSIFICATION: I understand that Horseback riding is classified as a rugged adventure
recreational sport activity, and that there are numerous obvious and non-obvious inherent risks always present in such
activity despite all safety precautions. According to NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance Systems of US
Consumer Products) horse activities rank 64
among the activities of people relative to injuries that result in a stay at US
hospitals. Related injuries can be severe requiring more hospital days and resulting in more lasting residual effects than
injuries in other activities. I/we further understand that applicant may be participating in a “wilderness experience” and the
meaning of this term is defined as follows: the pursuit of adventure type activity in a wild, rugged, and uncultivated area or
region, as of forest and/or hills and/or mountains and/or plains and/or wetlands, which would likely be uninhabited by
people and inhabited by wild animals of many types and species to include, but not limited to mammals, reptiles, and
insects, which are not tame, may be savage and unpredictable in nature, and also wandering at their will.
______ D. NATURE OF STABLE HORSES: I understand that: this stable chooses its horses for their calm dispositions
and sound basic training as is required for use as riding horses for novice and beginning riders, and this stable follows a
rigid risk reduction program. Yet, no horse is a completely safe horse. Horses are 5 to 15 times larger, 20 to 40 times
more powerful, and 3 to 4 times faster than a human. If a rider falls from horse to ground it will generally be at a distance
of from 3 ½ to 5 ½ feet, and the impact may result in injury to the rider. Horseback riding is the only sport where one much
smaller, weaker predator animal (human) tries to impose its will on another much larger, stronger prey animal with a mind
of its own (horse) and each has a limited understanding of the other. If a horse is frightened or provoked it may divert from
its training and act according to its natural survival instincts which may include, but are not limited to: stopping short;
changing directions or speed at will; shifting its weight; bucking; rearing, kicking, biting, or running from danger.
______ E. RIDER RESPONSIBILITY: I understand that upon mounting a horse and taking up the reins the rider is in
primary control of the horse. The rider’s safety largely depends upon his/her ability to carry our simple instructions, and
his/her ability to remain balanced aboard the moving animal. I agree that the rider shall be responsible for his/her own
safety, and that of an unborn child if the rider is pregnant. This stable advises pregnant women not to ride horses unless
permission is given under advice of her physician.
Texas Liability Release Form 2