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Termination Letter Template

Termination Letter Template
[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, St Zip]
[Optional – Email Address]
[Today’s Date]
[Name of Recipient]
[City, St Zip]
Dear [Name of Recipient],
[Short introduction paragraph - indicate that the recipient’s employment with the company is
terminated. Either indicate it is immediate, or give a specific date.]
[Provide list if reasons for the termination. These reasons may be related to their performance or
related to the state of the business. Reference any prior efforts to help the individual to improve
their performance or warnings about the need to improve performance]
[Provide information on how they should handle any company items such as keys, badges or
[Provide details about any benefits or compensation that may be provided. This may include help
seeking other employment, severance pay or insurance extensions.]
[Close the letter. If the separation is due to the employee’s performance, indicate your regret but
that you had to make this decision. If termination was a result of company issues, indicate your
regret and willingness to help in anyway.]
(Sign here for letters sent by mail or fax)
[Typed Name]
Termination Letter Template