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Tennessee Separation Agreement Template

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Tennessee Separation Agreement Template
Tennessee Separation Agreement Template
Husband: Initials________ Date Signed: ________________________ Wife: Initials _____ Date Signed: ____________________
August 2012 (Form 5) Divorce Agreement Page 1 of 6
Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court
State of Tennessee
(Must Be Completed)
(Must Be Completed)
Divorce Agreement
(Marital Dissolution Agreement)
File No.
(Must Be Completed)
(Large Counties Only)
(Name: First, Middle, Last) of Spouse Filing the Divorce)
(Name: First, Middle, Last of the Other Spouse)
This form explains how you and your spouse will divide your property and debts.
You must file this form with your Request for Divorce, Form 1.
We say that:
We are the Wife and Husband listed above. We are filing a Request for Divorce in the county and
court listed above. We can no longer get along as Husband and Wife. We understand our
marriage rights and duties. We want to get an agreed divorce.
We agree on everything in the Request for Divorce. The Request for Divorce does not have to
be served, and there is no need to file an Answer.
Each of us has read this whole Divorce Agreement. We agree it is fair. We understand that it will
become part of our Final Divorce Order.
No one made us sign this Agreement. We will sign any other papers needed to carry out this
My spouse and I have no children together who are under 18, in high school or disabled. Children
together means children we had together, born before our marriage AND it means any and all children
born during our marriage or adopted.
The Wife is not pregnant.
Real Property (house, land or mobile homes that are permanently attached to the ground)
Neither spouse owns real property.
Other Assets (business or retirement accounts)
Neither spouse owns a business or has a retirement account.
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Tennessee Separation Agreement Template