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Student Questionnaire

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This form is a survey of doctoral students provided by National Research Council for the assessment of doctoral programs.

Student Questionnaire
Student Questionnaire
Final Version 11/03/06
Welcome to the National Research Council’s
2006 Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs
Admitted-to-Candidacy Doctoral Student Questionnaire
This questionnaire is part of the National Research Council’s 2006 Assessment of Research
Doctoral Programs. The National Research Council (NRC) is the operating arm of the National
Academy of Sciences, an institution that conducts studies on issues relevant to questions of
importance to educational, scientific and technological policy. Its reports are highly respected and
have important impact on national and institutional policymakers.
This is the first NRC assessment of doctoral programs in over ten years. The study is an effort to
gather data about doctoral programs nationwide and provide data that will be helpful to students,
faculty, administrators and those who make educational policy.
For the first time, the assessment is including a survey of doctoral students. By completing this
questionnaire, you provide information that will: (1) bring a student perspective to the study;
(2) permit a statistical description of the advanced doctoral students in your field, and (3) help the
NRC identify the multiple dimensions of successful graduate programs.
Further information about the assessment may be found at www7.nationalacademies.org/resdoc/
index.html. This site also has a list of Frequently Asked Questions and contains an Email link for
submitting questions you might have about the study or the questionnaire.
As a graduate student, this is an important opportunity for you to be heard on issues related to
graduate education, both in your program and in general. If you and your fellow students
respond at a high rate, the results will provide important information about and to your program that
will help facilitate change in graduate education at the program level.
Your responses to this online questionnaire will be entered directly into our database and treated as
completely confidential by the NRC. Your individual answers will not be shared with faculty or
administrators of your doctoral program. Any data, including race/ethnicity and gender, that is not
currently available to the public will only be used in aggregated form that cannot be used to discern the
identity of any survey participant in any report or presentation concerning the survey or in the public use
file that will be made available to the public at the conclusion of this study. The link between your name
and the data you provide will be removed prior to the publication of the public use file. In the case of
questions with an open-ended response, comments will be reported only in an anonymous form that
does not disclose the identity of the respondent.
Your participation is voluntary. You may refuse to answer any question or discontinue
participation at any point. There is no personal risk to you in responding to this questionnaire since
your identify will be known only to the National Research Council and Mathematica Policy
Research. No information concerning respondents will be given to your institution. If you have any
questions related to the study or this questionnaire, please send an email to NRC-
Please click here to indicate your informed consent to participate in this study
Student Questionnaire