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Stool Color Chart

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Stool Color Chart
Stool Color Chart
Stool Color Chart
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Stool color is typically influenced by what you eat as well as by the amount of bile (a fluid that di-
gests fats) in your stool. Most color changes are normal, however, if the changes are consistent, it
can reveal many clues about your health such as:
Brown: Color caused by chemical changes in bilirubin
(a pigment resulting from the breakdown of red blood
cells). All shades of brown are considered normal.
Green: Green vegetables, such as spinach, are
common causes of green stool.
Red: Can indicate bleeding of the lower digestive tract
or rectum.
Yellow: Can be caused by an infection known as
Giardia or can ndicate bowel hyperactivity.
Blue: Can indicate illness in babies or can be the result
of eating foods that contain blue dyes.
White: Ofen caused by a lack of bile (produced in the
liver) and by certain medications.
Black: May be caused by bleeding in the upper
digestive tract.
There are many reasons for stool color change, and this is not an exhaustive list. Seek prompt
medical care if you have unusual stools consistent over time or any unusual change in the color
or texture of your stool.
Stool Color Chart