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Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Manitoba)

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Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Manitoba)
Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Manitoba)
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Form 1
Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement
This form of Tenancy Agreement is prescribed under The Residential Tenancies Act (the Act) and applies to all residential tenancies in
Manitoba, other than tenancies respecting a mobile home, mobile home site, or both. Two copies must be made and signed by both
landlord and tenant. One copy must be given to the tenant within 21 days after it is signed.
This Tenancy Agreement is made in duplicate between:
, the Landlord
Legal name, address and telephone number of landlord
, the Tenant
Name of tenant
Address of Rental Unit
1. The landlord agrees to rent to the tenant the rental unit at the following location:
Term of Tenancy
2. Complete either (a) or (b):
(a) Fixed Term Tenancy
The tenancy is for a fixed term beginning on , 20 and ending on , 20 .
(termination date)
Unless the tenancy has been terminated in accordance with the Act, the landlord shall offer the tenant a renewal of this agreement at
least three months before the termination date. If the tenant does not sign and return the renewal at least two months before the
termination date, this agreement will expire on the termination date.
(b) Periodic Tenancy
The tenancy is periodic, beginning on , 20 and continuing from .
(week to week, month to month, etc.)
Security Deposit
3. The landlord acknowledges receipt from the tenant of a security deposit of $ on , 20 .
Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Manitoba)