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How to Choose the Right Sports Mouth Guard for Kids

You probably have heard about Oral Mart Sports mouth guard that isn’t only designed for adults, but also kids. If your kids are active in sports or they are even parts of kids’ athletes, then you know how important it is to choose the right mouth guard. These activities may be fun and rewarding in many aspects, and yet some of them are risky too. Things like hockey, football, baseball, or soccer can expose the kids to harmful play. Athlete kids may suffer from many injuries, including the facial ones, because of direct contact, collusion, and fall.

The Risk Factor

Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, there are around 3 million visits (of kids) to the emergency rooms because of recreational activities – sports included. The injuries themselves range from lacerations and minor abrasions to concussions and broken bones. Many of the kids suffer from damaged or even lost teeth. According to the NYSSF (National Youth Sports Safety Foundation), there are 3 million teeth knocked out during (youth) sports events within every year. The mouth guard may not be able to prevent such a thing from happening, but it does provide a safer protection.

Understanding Sports Mouth Guard

Often called sportsguards, the sports mouth guard is basically a laminate device or soft plastic that can protect the wearer from oral injuries, including ones to the tongue, jaw, cheeks, teeth, and mouth. These mouth guards are basically generic although many of them can also be custom made. If your kids join a club or such thing alike, the coach or the league office may already advise you on the mouth guard. But if you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to start doing your own research about the right sportsguard for the kids, especially if the sports are quite rough and risky. Even sports like basketball or softball is prone to facial injuries, so never underestimate it.

About Oral Mart Mouth Guard

There are tons of good brands out there – and Oral Mart Sports mouth guard is one of them. The brand has different kinds of sportsguard for different activities. In general, the mouth guards are coming with proper size. The flexibility is also nice because it is designed to mold easily. And yet the material is resistant to chewing so you won’t have to worry that the mouth guards will damage easily.

Most of this brand’s mouth guards are made from dual layer constructions. The exterior is flexible with sturdy materials that offer better protection. And then the interior is made from materials that are comfortable and also versatile. Simply follow the instructions before wearing any of them. It’s also advisable to have more than one option so your kids can pick which one is the most comfortable for them.

How to Choose the Right One?

You have several options when it comes to choosing the right sportsguard for the kids. And naturally, you have to work together with them. They need to understand the function of the mouth guard and be honest about their condition when wearing one.

For a starter, have a thorough discussion with your kids’ instructor, coach, or even league office. They should be familiar with this thing, so they can provide a recommendation concerning the brand, the type, or even professional dental service. What if your kids don’t join any team and they are doing the sports for leisure only? No need to worry. There are still plenty of ways to get a good recommendation. You can ask parents. Your kids play sports with their friends, right? Then ask their parents about the mouth piece. 

Moreover, you should know that there is generic over-the-counter mouth guard as well as the custom made one. The latter one is made by your dentist, so you need to have a dental visit. The over-the-counter piece is relatively inexpensive. However, such an item is generally made from not-so-good material, mostly plastic. And the mouth guard only comes in one size –you can’t do anything about it. Most people have issues with this piece – some are too loose while some are too tight and snug. Consider yourself lucky if you can find the one that actually fits you. This type of mouth guard is cheap but it doesn’t provide any maximum protection.

Another downside of this mouth guard is the way it protects the teeth. You need to clench it hard so it won’t fall off. Well, not everyone can do the clenching action well enough. For some people, clenching can interfere with speaking and breathing. A lot of people also dislike it because it is uncomfortable.

There is also the custom made one where you need to visit the dentist. You can have a thorough discussion with the dentist. Let them interact with your kids to know what kind of piece that would fit just nicely and comfortably. They will check the mouth structure as well as the teeth condition. This method is definitely pricier but the mouth guard will be able to cover the entire teeth well. The quality is also better. As a custom designed item, the mouth guard will have better comfort, protection, and also retention.

There is also the mouth-formed type. This one is mostly known as the boil-and-bite. The Oral Mart Sports mouth guard falls into this type. So, basically, you buy a mouth guard that can be adjusted to your teeth. This sportsguard is generally made from the so-called thermoplastic materials that can be flexed and adjusted after immersing it in hot water. Afterwards, you simply press it to your teeth so the guard can make the necessary adjustment. It works by pressing it with your tongue, finger, and bite to conform your mouth’s contour and structure. This type of mouth guard is better than the generic over-the-counter type, but it has different levels of price, comfort, retention, and also protection.

Consider the special condition like braces or dental issue. If your kids have problems like this, the best way is to consult the dentist so you can manage a custom mouth guard. However, the boil-and-bite type is also possible if you are a bit on a short budget. Make sure to choose the ones from reliable and trusted brands – they generally have more flexible mouth guards.

You also want to consider mouth guards with their own carrying case. It will ensure proper cleanliness, especially when your kids don’t use the mouth guards. The case can also be used to encourage proper drying, so make sure that it is vented.

In the end, you should take a careful approach in choosing the right mouth guard. Dealing with dental repair is costly – way costlier than choosing a high-quality kids’ sports mouth guard. If you want to consider Oral Mart Sports mouth guard, you need to know the detailed specs of each variant (Can you use it with braces or not, how far you can adjust it, etc) before buying one.