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South Carolina Hunting Rights Lease Form

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South Carolina Hunting Rights Lease Form
South Carolina Hunting Rights Lease Form
Sample Lease
For Educational Purposes Only
It is important to check with your local attorney before writing and signing a binding legal agreement. This lease is not all inclusive. If the lessor wants to
provide other services, e.g., guides, cleaning game, allowing the lessee to improve the habitat, etc., they should be included.
_____________________, owner of ______________ farm, (legal description of the land), County, South Carolina, herein
referred to as “Landowner, for good and sucient consideration, as hereinafter set forth, leases hunting rights on those portions of the
___________________ farm, hereinafter described, to ____________________ and others so executing this agreement and
hereinafter referred to as “Lessees, on the following terms and conditions:
1. The tract of land, hereinafter referred to as “lease” upon which hunting rights are granted, is the __________ farm described herein consisting
of approximately ________ acres.
(description of land with aerial photograph if available)
Lessees understand the location and boundaries of said tract and agree that no hunting rights are granted hereunder on any tract other than the tract
herein designated and that no hunting or discharging of rearms shall be done by Lessees while traveling to or from the lease.
2. This agreement and the rights and duties granted and incurred hereunder shall be for a term commencing with the opening of _____ season in
20__, and the closing of ________ season in 20__, as set for ____________ County , South Carolina, under regulations enforced by the
South Carolina Department of Natural Resoures unless sooner terminated pursuant to provisions of this agreement hereinafter set forth. Provided
that either the Landowner or Lessee may cancel this agreement by giving written notice of its intent to do so thirty (30) days prior to the date that
rental for the second or third year of the term here provided is due. In which event, Lessee shall be relieved of the obligation to pay further rental
under the terms and shall deliver possession of the premises.
3. The consideration to be paid by Lessee to Landowner at ________ County, South Carolina, is $________ in cash, one half to be paid on or
before June 1, 20__, and the balance to be paid on or before October 1, 20__. Failure to pay the second installment shall thereupon terminate
and cancel the lease and the amount already paid shall be forfeited as liquidated damage for the breach of the agreement. A $_______ deposit
will be required to insure that lease premises are left in a clean and orderly condition. Farm personnel will inspect the premises within 30 days
after the lease expires. If clean up is necessary, the farm will accomplish such, and the $_____ deposit will be forfeited by the Lessees. If the
premises are determined by farm personnel to be clean and orderly, the $______ deposit will be returned to the Lessees within 60 days after
expiration of the lease.
4. Lessees shall not assign this lease or sublet the leased premises without the written consent of ________________.
5. Lessees, collectively, shall be entitled, under this agreement, to kill and remove from ______________ farm, the following numbers of
animals and no more, except as expressly indicated in this lease and subject, however, to all state and federal game laws governing bag limit
and possession: ______ buck (male) deer, _____ doe (female) deer, _____ quail, ____ rabbits, ______ squirrels, and _____ turkeys.
Lessees may (not) sh on any ponds or stock-watering tanks on the lease during the period of the lease and may harvest mourning doves subject
to bag and possession limits of the state of South Carolina for ________ County if legal dove season falls within the expressed period of the
6. Lessees shall at all times abide by and obey all state and federal hunting laws and regulations and Lessee shall be responsible for the conduct of
Lessees guests or members in connection with said hunting laws and shall be responsible for any violation of said hunting laws or regulations
by said Lessee, its guests, or members. Any violation of the hunting laws or regulations of any governmental authority shall give rise to the
right of immediate cancellation of this lease by the Landowner upon written notice to Lessees, and in the event of the cancellation of said lease
due to violation of game laws by Lessees, its guests or members, no proration of the rent previously paid shall be made, same to be forfeited as
liquidated damages, and Lessees shall, upon receipt of such notice, immediately vacate and surrender unto the Landowner possession of the
leased premises.
Lessees shall, during the period in which it has access to the leased premises, continually protect same against trespassers and squatters, and to
the best of Lessees ability have such persons apprehended and prosecuted.
7. This lease agreement is expressly made subject to the “General Conditions of Lease, which are attached hereto as Exhibit A, and made a part
hereof for all purposes the same as if copied herein verbatim.
South Carolina Hunting Rights Lease Form