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School Donation Email

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School Donation Email
School Donation Email
To our valued donor,
The Wildwood School would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your donations over the
years. Because of your generosity, we have been able to fund several new programs, including
an after school initiative to bolster excitement about math and science. The elementary Science
Squad, which just took third place in the regional math and science competition finals, exists
because you cared enough to contribute. Thank you for your commitment to our students and
their education.
We are writing on behalf of a new need: the English program. While our math and science
programs have excelled thanks to contributions from donors like you during last year’s pledge
drive, our English program was neglected. Unfortunately, that neglect became evident in last
year’s final test scores. However, we are undeterred in our endeavor to create an environment
where all areas of academics prosper. We’ve seen how generous donations have made an
impact on our math and sciences programs, and we are confident the same will be true of our
English program, which is the focus of this year’s pledge drive.
We would like to reach several benchmarks with our English program this year: increase
student grades by 15%, increase the amount of reading material present in each classroom
by 30%, provide one-on-one tutoring for students who are underachieving, and promote a
new after school club called the Reader’s Room. It is our job to better equip our teachers with
advanced training and professional resources, and we are in the process of doing just that. But
we need help from donors like you to fund the essential aspects of this initiative: stimulating
reading material, compensation for teachers working overtime, and funding for more advanced
evaluations. We will not be successful in our mission to increase the effectiveness of the English
program without your financial contribution.
Regardless of whether or not you are able to give financially at this time, we appreciate your
impact on the Wildwood School. We would not be where we are—ranked in the top 10% of
private schools in the state—were it not for your support. We encourage you to stop by any time
you are in the area; we would love to have the opportunity to show you how your donations
have changed our school for the better. These children are our future, and they are better
equipped to lead because of your commitment to their education.
Jane Smith
Director of Development
The Wildwood School
School Donation Email