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Saskatchewan Power of Attorney

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Saskatchewan Power of Attorney
Saskatchewan Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
Form 24
The Business Corporations Act
Name of corporation: Entity No.:
Name of Power of
(must be resident of Saskatchewan)
If the Power of Attorney resides in a city his or her
resident address MUST be indicated. If residence is in a
rural area, use a legal land description (including R.M.
name and number).
Signature of individual
named as Attorney
(indicates acceptance of
to act as its attorney for the purpose of receiving service of process in all suits and proceedings by or against the
corporation within Saskatchewan and for the purpose of receiving all lawful notices; and the corporation declares
that service of process respecting such suits and proceedings, and of such notices, upon the attorney are legal and
binding to all intents and purposes whatsoever.
Where more than one person is appointed attorney, any one of them, without the others, may act as true and
lawful attorney of the corporation.
This appointment revokes all previous appointments.
(This section is to be completed by a Director or Authorized Officer of the above corporation.)
Rev. 02/12
Date Name Office Held Signature
Filing Instructions
Print Form
Print Form
Saskatchewan Power of Attorney