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Sample Thank You Note for Teleconference Interview

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Sample Thank You Note for Teleconference Interview
Dear Mr. Taylor,
I enjoyed our teleconference meeting today. Thank you for taking the time to interview me for
the position of Marketing Director for the new branch of Forever Fitness that you will soon be
opening in the Atlanta area. I am excited about all I have learned about the company and its
commitment to its members’ overall health and wellness. I was especially intrigued by the
discounted lifetime maintenance membership available to members once they reach their
fitness goals. I have no doubt that the new facility will be well received, and I hope to be a part
of its success.
Being familiar with the area, I am well equipped to help the facility’s management and staff
transition to their new location. Having worked in marketing and public relations in the Atlanta
area for over a decade, I also have a network of media contacts, which would be vital to a new
and growing business. I know that my previous experience planning special events and
promotions would be especially beneficial to your business as well.
Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and discussing this position. Congratulations on the
expansion of your business! I am excited about the opportunity to help you make it succeed. I
will be available to begin work by March 1, 2013, two months in advance of the Grand Opening.
Please contact me if I can answer any questions or provide additional information.
Kelly Thomas
200 Peachtree Lane
Atlanta, GA 33991
(555) 555-0198
Sample Thank You Note for Teleconference Interview